Biography Tino

Tino van Leeuwen born in 1974 is a total music freak. He started playing guitar from the age of eighteen. Early 1995 he met Cecile Morel and together they formed the group 'Kantje Boord'. In the summer of 1997 he bought a digital fourtrack and decided to go solo.

After releasing four cassettes a green, red, golden and blue one in 2000 he founded Hot Fruit Records and released a 7" ("The electricity song"). His debutalbum "Cybertech bottleneck", which was co-produced by Hans Vandenburg (Gruppo Sportivo), came out in 2001. The next two years he released "Liquid talk" and "Bubblegum hangover".

In the beginning of 2004 Tino quit making music. As some kind of present he released all his 'rest material' on three albums, "Officially unreleased (volume 1, 2 & 3)". But... in 2007 Tino changed his mind and went back to his roots: writing acoustic guitarsongs. May 16, he released "The question remains" on The Hague label Langweiligkeit Records.

In 2008 Tino's fifth official album "Mind playing sketches" came out, which was made with the help of many befriended musicians and contained only one instrumental track. In 2009 the album "Just in time" appeared and was a studio recording with Niels Zeven on bass and Jerry Bobbe on drums. Together with them Tino played on a few stages, including the German Festival International De La Musique.

May 2010 "The kaossilator sessions"
a complete instrumental, electronic album came out, but wasn't promoted very well. This is one of the reasons why Tino started working with Niels Zeven and Jerry Bobbe again, resulting in the 2011 cd "The conservative brain in a progressive state". Half of the tracks were homerecordings.

In 2012 Tino didn't release a new cd. To fill this gap he released a double album in 2013. The titles of these compact discs are "Twelve different emotions during a day are like spots opening up in your face" and "The arty side of rock music". May 2014 Tino released two 'unofficial' albums with radio-performances from 1997 untill now.

Early 2017 Tino released a compilation album on vinyl, This album - called "Absolutely Tino! (a noncomplicated compilation 1997-2017)" - was financed by crowdfunding on Later that year a double cd appeared: "Less... then more".

And then there's the double album "Pop ups" in 2020,
containing 24 covers of songs which impressed Tino during his life...